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IBC Clovertainer

«Transit service resource», «Slavneft-YANOS» and «Greif Yaroslavl» organized packing of various grades of road and other bitumen in a intermediate bulk  container of IBC Clovertainer type with capacity of 1000 liters at the Yaroslavl refinery in 2009.

The intermediate  bulkcontainer (IBC) is intended for packing, transportation and storage of oil bitumen, bitumen compositions, raw materials for production of bitumen, tar, mastics and other similar petroleum products with a softening point not lower than 35 ºC . View presentation and video:
The package (IBC) includes the following functional components and parts:
  • Shell — cardboard (brand KG-1) thickness of 0.5 mm , density 340 g/m2;
  • Plywood pallet;
  • Internal taping (anti-adhesive siliconize paper);
  • Cover (plywood);
  • Identification (marking) label;
  • Fasteners and seals, as well as other details and components in accordance with the design documentation.

The Certificate of Compliance see here:

IBC Clovertainer - technical characteristics

Parameters Value
Load-carrying capacity, l 1000
Length, mm 1140
Width, mm
Height, mm
Filler hole diameter, mm
Weight, kg

The conditions of operation of intermediate bulk containers (IBC) oil-filled

Lifting , lowering and moving of the container is carried out by forklift truck:
  •  payload of 1,5 — 2,5 tonn;
  • with forklift (fork thickness not less than 55 mm and forklift length not less than 900 mm)
  • the presence of side-shift carriage forks.

Storage of IBC Clovertainer’s must be done in the conditions of category 3 according the GOST 15150 (the temperature from minus 50 ºC to plus 50 ºC, relative humidity untill 98%). Allowed storage of BC Clovertainer’s on the opened place equipped by ten protected from the influence of an atmospheric precipitation.

Distinctive features of intermediate bulk containers (IBC) from other disposable and reusable packages for bitumen

Cube shape provides convenient handling during loading / unloading works, compact accommodation in multi-level storage and optimization of the transportation process, i.e. saving transport and storage costs are obvious.

Weight (gross) about 1065 kg, allows to use medium-tonnage loading equipment (trucks, hoists, cranes), and to maximize usage of the containers and different types of covered wagons:

usage of 20 ton containers of up to 96%, and of covered railway wagons up to 95%.

Specific container weight is not more than 7 % from weight of the filled bitumen IBC and is the lowest among similar disposable and reusable containers for the transportation of bitumen. Recycling is not provided.

Ease of unpacking. Removal of packaging from a solid bitumen cube takes about 2 minutes by using simple tools, such as angle grinder . In summer and in hot climates it is appropriate to melting bitumen without unpacking . This ensures complete recovery of bitumen from the UK see here

Environment friendly packaging. Factors such as weight and type of packaging material have the greatest impact on the environment according to scientific research by Institute of energy and environment (USA). All environmental parameters leader board. The negative impact of the use and disposal of packaging is minimal since IBC packaging by 98% made from natural materials : cardboard, plywood and timber.