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        This year marks the 10-th anniversary of the introduction of a new bitumen transportation technology.
        This technology is based on a new type of packaging for bitumen — IBC Cloverteiner (cube shape container). IBC Clovertainer allows to implement any delivery schemes from the manufacturer to the end user, including the principle of «door-to-door» and maximize usage of multimodal logistics. Read a detailed description in the article «Bitumen in packaging».
        LLC «Tranzitserviceresource» together with LLC «Gazpromneft-Bitumen materials» and firm Keystone Group at the end of 2015 organized a test delivery PBV-40 in Sierra Leone and Peru, using a new technology of placing of packaged PBV in the MTC in marine container.

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      13-15 october 2015 in Moscow, «Crocus Expo», «Tranzitserviceresource» takes part in the 6-th international specialized exhibition-forum «ROAD».
        June 2015 Europian Distributors Center in bitumen’s materials was founded. It’s founders were at the openning of it: representatives of «Gazprom», The General director of «Tranzitserviceresurce», representatives of Czech firm LAVITHIS , a.s.
        The main mission of this Center — supplying of road construction of Czech and neighbor countries by modern bitumen materials.

From May 2015 «Tranzitserviceresource» and «Gazpromneft» begin supply road bitumen BND 90-130 to «Vostochnyi» cosmodrome.

May 2015 The first in the history of road construction at the Kunashir island the supplying of road bitumen was realized in IBC Clovercontainer.

Diploma for participation in the 6th international specialized exhibition-forum «Crocus Expo», October 2015. See diploma. 

Feadback on the quality of packed polimer-bitumen binder for road PBV 90, manufactured by JSC «Gazpromneft» and supplied by LLC «Tranzitserviceresource» in Republic of Mongolia (the Company «Monpetex»):


«Monpetex» XXK

JSC «Gazpromneft»

To Orlov D.V.,
the director of the Bitumen materials Department


The strategic task of the company «Monpetex» is the provision of large infrastructure road projects of the Republic of Mongolia by high quality bitumen materials, with include binder polimer-bitumen road materials. Sharply continental climate and distance of road construction organizations from suppliers of road bitumen have a great influence on the road construction in Mongolia. Therefore a great interest for us is a polimer-modified bitumen PBV 90, packed in a medium tonnage container of IBC Clovertainer type with capacity of 1000 liters. This production, manufactured by SJC «Gazpromneft» has a high quality and fully meets the national road bitumen standards of The Republic of Mongolia. The high quality of  SJC «Gazpromneft»‘s production allows to company «Monpetex» steadily increases the volume of delivery. In 2012 the volume of our polimer-modified bitumen PBV 90 delivery to The Republic of Mongolia was 8000 ton. In 2013 we’ll plan increase our delivery to 15000 ton.

The «Monpetex» company’s success in providing of road construction in Mongolia is due to high quality of SJC «Gazpromneft»‘s production and we express our appreciation to you for it.

The general Director of

«Monpetec» company

Polimers from Russia are approved in Germany. «Avtodorogi» magazine, № 11 November 2012

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