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Quality requirements

Quality requirements of oil road viscous bitumen in Russia are regulated by GOST 22245-90 «Bitumen road viscous oil. Specifications».

Modern technologies allow to produce road bitumen of the other brands with improved parameters in comparison with this standard.

The production of such bitumen have been established in Russia on the base of developed and agreed by the State Service of Road Economy of Ministry of transport of Russia (ROSAVTODOR) — technical specifications (TS) or standards of organizations (STO).

When developing the product composition was taken into account the requirements of European standard EN 12591 «Bitumen and bituminous binders. Specifications for paving grade bitumens».

Independent samples test of the product performed in Finland (see Act) and Turkey (see Act) showed that the quality of the Euro BV 50/70 bitumen according to EN 12591.