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Transportation and storage of bitumen in the IBC containers

Filled IBC are transported by all types of transport, distance of transportation is not limited.

Transportation is carried out under conditions: air temperature (-50 °C ÷ +50 °C), relative humidity up to 98%. In the vehicle IBC is placed in 1-3 tiers. A forklift truck is used for IBC loading / unloading (carrying capacity of 1.5 to 2.5 tons, fork length not less than 900 mm, thickness — not more than 55 mm)

Economic advantages of the packed bitumen delivery

Shipping Mode Loading volume Loading Capacity,
Road  20 ft container 19.7
Auto-trailer (13.64 x 2.40 x 2.5m) 19.7
Rail 20 ft container 19.7
Rail carts
(65 t  loading capacity and 136 m³ loading volume)
Sea/River 20 ft containers 19.7
  1. The workload of 20-ft container with packaged bitumen (net) is: 19.7 tons in the IBC, 16.8 tons — in metal barrels, so the transportation cost of 1 ton of bitumen in the IBC will be 15% lower than in barrels 210 kg.
  2. Specific weight of packaging: IBC – up to 7%, barrels — up to 10% (including pallet weight 20-30 kg based on placing 4 drums / pallet), NOMBUS container — up to 20%, which also reduces the cost of transportation of 1 tons of bitumen in IBC compared with barrels and containers NOMBUS in those operations where necessary to take into account weight.
  3. Using reusable packaging (containers NOMBUS type, etc.) for delivery of bitumen results in additional costs related to the return of empty containers to the place of packing.

Storage of packed bitumen.

Filled with bitumen IBC store in piles — 2-3 layers (air temperature +50°C ÷-50°C, relative humidity up to 98%). It is possible to store containers on open, flat, firm ground with a shed to protect from natural precipitation (rain, snow).